Saturday, February 19, 2011

19.02.2011 Today My Life Begins

I never felt this good just at this very moment, the last two days of just staying at home and doing nothing but to stay at the very four corner of my rooms,I felt so bored.It feels like I am so unproductive, feeling empty and plain.Have you ever got that kind of feeling?As if you wanna shout,scream the words "I hate Life!Im so Bored...waaaah", and then pause for a while and take a deep breath as if everythings all right now,well yes it is.Maybe I just really need to feel the boredom & release the tension so I can realized things after.And today, My Life begins?!again?!and yes again and again.Today I came to another realization in life and this time I want to take a new leap..stepping forward one step at a time.First should stop using the word "I" by replacing it with the word "you" as if i am your conscience talking to you.So lets begin.

Feb.19,2011 Today Felicity's life begins.

Step.1 Know Your Goal.
  • To Start your life with, Pray.Then know your goal.You need to know your goal for you to know which road your going to take.Your goal will be your focal point.So,whatever road you'll be taking you should not forgt that at the end of the day your focal point will be your final destination.

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