Friday, February 11, 2011

Ages of Life...


Life is all about sacrifices I sacrifice for the one you love, for someone closest and near to your heart.You'll do everything whatever it takes just to please them to make them happy.I want to make them feel that they are appreciated, and I hope they do.I need them, I want them...they are my source of strenghts.

Whatever I's all made out of Love!Love with lots of meanings to portray.Love made of Hope, Trust, Patience, Perserverance, Honesty, Anger, Hatred, Jealous, Envy,Obsession,Lust....So confusing!As seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to week, weeks to months, months to years. Time flies so quick, quickly as the dust in the wind.It flew from different direction and you'll never know where it will lead you next.I've been into a place that's so beautiful as I am where I feel safe,secure,happy,at peace...It is where I used to build my dreams, where I am the princess of my own world but one way or the other been into place where everything feels empty, its so dark everywhere,I feel scared and sad with no one to turn to,no one to hug me,no one to listen-Alone.Haunted by the old memories that I wish I never had.Losing you losing almost everything in my life, my dreams for you and me,for our family,for us!Evrything was lost,all has been changed since you left.

But here it comes REALITY!knocking my head and heart whispering "Hey wake up poor little girl everything is made to happen.No more dreaming, no longer living in a small but Big world for a one year old girl 27years back.You have come to ages.An ages of life of what you have become.". Yes indeed!My life has come to ages now,no turning back.I have sacrificed alot and still is willing to sacrifice everything for Love.For the people around me who always believe in the beauty inside my heart.I will keep fighting ang struggling for Life that was only borrowed from HIM.HE has been my guide all through these years.All heartaches and pains are just part of my lifes journey that have made me become a better person.

And now,each day of my life I feel happy and proud, thankful and blessed.Im taking back my Pride!My life that was once lost will now be renewed where Respect will always take place.No more pains, agony and sorrow.If ever there will be, everything should be just Fine! I'll just just keep on sailing wherever the wind blows just like the sand in the wind.I have God and everyone to guide me through.

No more dreaming but another Reality with a promise of New Beginning.Just like my favorite view.Somewhere out there where the darkness Lies - The beauty of Sky where Stars will never stop on shining everynight.and I know one day in my life I'll gonna find my star who will shine for me forever.


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