Friday, February 18, 2011

Missing "Will.I.Am"

Its already 12 midnight & I should be sleeping by now but It wont make my day expressing how I feel.
I wish he knows how much I miss william.Day never pass me by without thinking of him,how he is,how good he was,is he safe,is he happy?I wish he is.I want him to be happy each day of his life,If you only could see him.He looks so good  when he smile,his smile will surely melt your heart away.His smile best describe as a smile I have when i was a little girl,innocent,sweet,full of hopes(though he's not an innocent one,I should know)but his smile really brings hope.its a feeling that at the end of your stressful day at work or anywhere,just look at him, stare at him then he'll get conscious, then he will surely smile and make your day GREAT!& I should barely know & no way i would not remember, I know it was just once, ones that i ever saw him smiling back at me for real. Now,i just have to close my eyes then it all comes back to me, those were the memories I wanna kept within me forever.I just wish he could feel the same.but obviously he wont.I'm not his type of girl, his ideal dream girl.So I also wish he wouldn't know how I miss him, how i love him so he wont awful  for me.Im still looking forward in seeing him back again after a year I wish when that time comes Im good enough in accepting things that I couldn't have which is him. But on the other I was also praying that by that time he already found her girl, he is already happy.It might be painful to accept then but I will surely be very happy seeing him happy.Some may not believe or he might not believe either but really, his happiness is my happiness too.he deserves it!he is so gorgeous.I love Will.I.Am & I wont get tired of you. I always wanna say..
"Will, I Am the one..cant you see it?" but obviously he wont.his mind is set & it will never be me.
............Definitely, Maybe, NOT

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